Sphero Slalom

Started at https://twitter.com/KinecthackLDN - 22 Mar 2015

Inspired by the work of @mtaulty - playing-with-kinect-for-windows-v2-and-sphero-from-a-windows-8-1-store-app

We wanted to take this project further and make it into a fun game.

Sphero Slalom - Sphero race with Kinect. The idea is to use Kinect sensors to navigate Sphero. This is a 'science for kids' project. A fun activity that kids will love to learn about how sensors track objects. We used Kinect, Winjs, Nodejs, ProcessingJs and c#.

Great feedback:

Have to say the Kinect / Sphero game was the coolest thing I saw this weekend @gosphero #KinecthackLondon pic.twitter.com/Pnj005W7bg

— Jo Eyre (@Jo_Eyre) March 22, 2015

#Kinect and @GoSphero at #KinectHackLondon Show and Tell https://t.co/ucRkhDoKYT

— Gen A (@coderinheels) March 22, 2015

#sphero plus #Kinect at #kinecthacklondon pic.twitter.com/vSDlEGFdmM

— Mike Taulty (@mtaulty) March 22, 2015